Our Processes

Kellett Design Group is an award winning
drafting and design studio based in Perth

Design Stage

Design Kick Off

This is the point where we gather your design brief. We request information on your proposed block, house design, specs required and any other special inclusion in the design. We would also answer any questions you have regarding the design stage or our process ensuring our clients are familiar with the process.

Schematic Design

This will initially be presented in the form of a 2D box study. It will be created from the information provided in previous meetings. After 2D drawings are created, the project proceeds to 3D schematic design stage. The project is now presented with 3D external views, ensuring the clients are fully aware of what the proposed design looks like.

Client Review

The review stage allows our client to make critical changes to the project before we finalize drawing and submit the project to council. Its critical changes are ironed out here as making changes after council approval is never recommended.

Planning Drawing

This set of drawings will be the minimum requirements to get planning approval. Its at this stage the design has been completed, clients have reviewed and are satisfied with the drawings set.

Council Submission

The Drawings and documentation will now get prepared for council submission. We handle this entire process on behalf of our clients. Making the transition from design to approval stream less and the process a much more enjoyable experience.

Final Step

Once planning is approved, we then move to the drafting stages.

Drafting Stage

Doc Kick Off

This is the stage where we discuss the internal components and finishes. Review on the previous discussion and add to the design.

Design Development

Design Development stage is where we develop the design further. Identifying and resolving any construction details. Finalising material choices and including this information in the drawings.

Building Permit Review

At this stage we’re bringing all the information together on a set of drawings suitable for council submission. Sections, details, Internal wet area elevations & electrical layouts will also be included in this set.

Client Review

This is the final review stage from the client. Only minor change would usually be seen here as the drawings set is reaching completion.

Council Submission

Once drawings are approved by the client, the project is then submitted to council for building permit approval.

Construction Set

On larger jobs a construction set is normally required. This would involve additional drawings such as door & window schedule, ceilings plans, slab set out, and more intricate details to assist with construction.