About Us

Kellett Design Group is an award winning
drafting and design studio based in Perth

Our forward-thinking approach means that our designs stand the test of time, seamlessly blending aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. By harnessing the power of innovation, we create living spaces that promote not only the well-being of our clients, but also the health of the planet. - Luke Kellett, Director"

Who we are

Discover the Kellett Design Group, an award-winning contemporary passive housing firm situated in Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia.

Our expertise lies in crafting sophisticated, modern new homes, extensions, renovations, and multi-block developments that embody the pinnacle of style and sustainability.

We take pride in having designed a multitude of 9-star dwellings, consistently pushing the envelope in residential design and sustainability. Our relentless pursuit of innovative solutions has made us a leading force in the world of eco-friendly living."

Our mission

At the Kellett Design Group, our dedication to excellence drives us to engage in continuous research and exploration of groundbreaking construction products and inventive building methodologies.

Our team of experts remains at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring we stay updated on the latest technologies and sustainable solutions.

Our overarching mission is to significantly reduce construction costs while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just the design phase; we also strive to minimize the environmental impact throughout the entire construction process."