Queenslander House Design

Queenslander house designs are characterised by their distinctive architecture, featuring elevated balconies, wide verandahs, and ornate fretwork. These homes are a popular choice in Australia, particularly in Queensland, due to their ability to withstand the hot and humid climate.

Queenslander homes are designed to maximise natural ventilation and light, with high ceilings and large windows. They are also built to be resilient to the harsh weather conditions, with sturdy timber construction and roofing.

The elevated design of Queenslander homes allows for a spacious living area underneath the house, which can be used for storage, entertainment, or as a carport. This also provides additional privacy and security.

Whether you are looking to build a new Queenslander home or renovate an existing one, our team at Kellett Design Group Australia can help you create the perfect design to suit your needs.