6m Wide House Design

Designing a house on a narrow lot can be a challenge, but with the right designer, it can be a dream come true. 6m wide house designs are perfect for those looking to build a home on a narrow lot in Perth, Western Australia. And with the right design elements, a narrow lot can feel spacious and functional. Innovative design elements such as raised ceilings, skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open plan spaces can create a sense of flow and movement, making the most of the limited space available. Mixing indoor and outdoor living spaces can also maximise functional outdoor areas, which can be limited on a narrow lot. Privacy is also a consideration when building on a narrow lot. With the right design, you can be close to the city centre while still enjoying a quiet and private space. At Kellett Design Group Australia, we can help you design your dream 6m wide house. Contact us today to get started.