Home Renovation Perth

If you are planning a home renovation Perth or building project, Kellett Design Group will work with you to develop an innovative and creative design for your property. We’ll help you achieve the look and feel of your dreams while keeping within budget constraints.

Kellett Design Group are building designers. We’re not builders, we don’t do work on your home or structure, we just help you visualize what you want to build.

Kellett Design Group provides designers to help you with your planning. We work closely with you to understand your vision and create innovative designs that meet your needs.

Whether it’s a home extension, renovation or a new build, we will guide you through the process.

Steps of a Home Renovation Perth

  1. Design Consultant
  2. Design Measure
  3. Drawing Your Plans
  4. Finding A Builder
  5. Planning And Building Approvals
  6. Construction Starts

People are under the impression building designers are expensive.

This couldn’t be further from the truth they are often looked at for luxury homes designs or for large building projects.

Now, this is true in some aspects, however, many just like us, work with everyday homeowners for a wide range of projects.

We begin the design process by getting to know you and exploring your lifestyle.

First and foremost, our job is simply to listen to our clients and translate their vision into an architectural expression all while factoring in budgets, schedules, building codes, and requirements.

Be prepared for any builder you feel comfortable working with!

  • Save Time

Cut the amount of time, stress and anxiety so you can deal with what matters.

  • Save On Cost

Believe it or not, you can actually save on building costs and up to 40% on your council application fees.

  • Design Flaws

We will pick up on flaws that will set you back in planning, construction or overall functionality.

  • House Extension
  • Convert Garage To Bedroom
  • Second Storey Additions
  • 1st Floor Additions
  • Convert Carport To Living Room
  • Granny Flats
  • Attic Conversions
  • Carport Extension
  • Modular Home Extensions
  • Loft Additions
  • Home Renovations
  • Prefab Home Extensions
We often hear…
“I got told a builder can do our designs for free as part of the build why should I pay for my plans?”

Builders are great for managing the construction of the project some builders include a ‘free design service’ when they undertake your project this is often hidden in the cost of the build as they need to engage with an Architect or Draftsman and an Engineer to complete a full set of drawing to submit them for building approval. Building companies may supply you with a basic layout or concept as part of the quotation process.

Detailed Drawing & Plans
Artist impression

Visualise your dream home before starting any construction.

The biggest regret we hear is “we wished we changed this” or “I would have done that slightly different”.

We all visualise our dream home in our heads, technology has changed this, you can now visualise and walk through your dream home before you start any renovations.

We design high-resolution 3D rendered concept drawing of your dream home, you can even have a 3D virtual walkthrough you can view on your computer or tablet bringing dreams to reality. 

Why Kellett Design group?

We are a one-stop shop for design, engineering and council approvals we’re Architect Designers, we don’t come with the price tag you would expect to pay and still receive high-quality drawings with attention to detail, Luke Kellett has a BSc in Architectural Design and an MSc in CAD & Construction.

We create a bespoke design to suit the owner’s needs. We don’t take an off the shelf design and change it like volume home builders. We provide multiple services in-house so your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

You don’t have to chase up separate consultants to get your project across the line. Which is less stressful for clients as we handle it all.

We can give you honest opinions about building materials, we don’t have alliances with any timber/brick manufacturer- or down along those lines, for example, a builder that has a bricklaying background may want to push a double brick house.

What Is Certificate Of Design?

Certificate of design compliance, Gives you EVERYTHING you need to have your plans approved within 10 days guaranteed!

I want to introduce you to our Private certification service. Our private certification department provides everything from compliance advice concerning the BCA. Certification of proposed and retrospective works.

We can certify all classes of building. Residential, Extensions, Carports, Patios and more..

We can also provide due diligence reports and building audits for existing homes and how to bring them up to the current building codes.

We understand that time and money is important to you.

Get Approval in 10 Days

The council guarantees to approve the project within 10 days of receiving documents. I will even back that up personally with a 100% refund of CDC costs and submit the project to the council for FREE if the project gets rejected!

Get your project on the right track, right from the startCall now and get a FREE 30 min consultation