Ever submitted plans to the council for a building permit… But It Never “Panned” Out?

Have you ever felt handcuffed as a build held back from someone in the council?

You know what I’m talking about.You get that one person or that “small thing” that might be missing. A process that you think should be so simple and easy somehow become weeks and then months.And then…Your project is delayed! 

Thanks to Red Tape, Politics and No One Wanting To Be Responsible.

Certificate of design compliance, Gives you EVERYTHING you need to have your plans approved within 10 days guaranteed!

Oh and we won’t for these people 

What happened to the good old days where

  • Council approved plans in a timely manner
  • There were no lengthy processes
  • Someone actually cared about your project

Well, I’m here to tell you that those days are officially back and even easier.

Free yourself from dealing with those *cough cough ahem*.

I want to introduce you to our Private certification service.

Our private certification department provides everything from compliance advice concerning the BCA. Certification of proposed and retrospective works.

We can certify all classes of building.

Residential, commercial, industrial and more..

We can also provide due diligence reports and building audits for existing buildings and how to bring them up to the current building codes.

We understand that time and money is important to you, and we won’t forget keeping your clients happy.

Hate those phone pestering phone calls and emails from clients asking when their project will start and why it was delayed ?

That’s why we provide a fast turn around on our work and your building approval.
At Kellett Design Group, That’s how we think it should be..
  • Save Time

Cut the amount of time, stress and  anxiety so you can deal with what matters.

  • Save On Cost

Believe it or not you can actually save over 40% on your council application fees.

  • Design Flaws

We will pick up on flaws that will set you back in planning.

In less than 10 days, you can have your council application approved

Enough of the sales pitch, How much does it cost?

Get Approval in 10 Days

The council guarantees to approve project within 10 days of receiving documents. I will even back that up personally with 100% refund of CDC costs and submit the project to council for FREE if the projects gets rejected!