Passive House

Passive House

Passive house buildings are ultra low energy consumption dwellings that can designed for hot or cold climates. 

They are designed and constructed to be highly energy efficient, they have the potential to use up to 90% less energy than the current building stock, whilst performing the same (if not better) functions as traditional buildings.Hans-Jörn Eich a Passive House enthusiast. Explains Passive housing in 90 seconds in the below video

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What are the 5 Key Principles?

Passive house performance is based on these 5 key Principles:
  1. Thermal Insulation
  2. Thermal Bridge – avoid
  3. High performing glazing
  4. Air tightness
  5. HRV- Heat Recover Ventilation

Passive Housing Benefits

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower emissions from dwelling
  • Cost saving on heating & cooling throughout the life cycle of the dwelling
  • Higher thermal performance
  • Better thermal comfort for occupants
  • Healthier internal living conditions – air is filtered

Cost Effective

Passive houses will cost slightly more than conventional builds. They are often seen as a short term loss, for a long term gain over the life expectancy of the home. However with clever design and planning the cost of a passive house can be reduced or in certain cases be less than a traditional double brick dwelling.  

The long term cost advantages are due to the fact passive housing include: 

  • Upgraded glazing
  • Upgraded Insulation
  • Air tightness membrane – that is not present in conventional dwellings. 

Allowing your home to retain heat in winter and reflect the heat in summer dramatically reducing you homes energy consumption running air conditioning and heating while off-setting your carbon foot print.

Why Kellett Design group?

Kellett Design Group is Perth’s most experienced and trusted multidisciplinary architectural drafting practice. With over ten years of experience and attention to detail, Luke Kellett holds a BSc in Architectural Design and a MSc in CAD & Construction.

  • We’re Perth locals just like our customers
  •  We know Perth
  • We know local regulations and laws
  • checkWe’re perfectionists.

We Are Australian Certified For Passive Housing

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